Dale Wisely is a writer, editor, (and psychologist) who runs AMBIDEXTROUS BLOODHOUND, publisher of Right Hand Pointing, One Sentence Poems, Unbroken Journal, Unlost Journal, duality, and First Frost. AMBIDEXTROUS BLOODHOUND is staffed by a team of readers and editors who receive no salary and no benefits except for a third-rate dental insurance plan that requires them to go to a specific dentist in Taos, New Mexico, who Dale advises them not to use. Dale's recent chapbook, Seven Stars, raised $3500 for a favorite charity.

Email Dale at dalewisely@gmail.com


Ken Chau is a poet living in Melbourne, Australia. His collections are Possible Lyrics for Chinese and Western Pop Songs (Bendigo Publishing, 2015) and 15 More Chinese Silences (Blank Rune Press, 2020). Forthcoming is Poetry is a Tartar Experience (Dolmen House Press, 2023) by Ken Chau/Michael Clarke. duality is the first journal he has edited that doesn't start with the letter "u", being the Chief Editor of Unbroken and an Editor of Unlost. He is comforted by the fact that the letter "u" is the second letter of duality.